Jill here. It's all kind of a crazy, hair brain story really.
I had been a work-at-home mom, child care provider,
dog lover, creative, type B, outdoors enthusiast, free
spirit for as long as I can remember.

I was nearing the BIG 4-O and my dad had a grand idea.
"Jill, how about we import Italian leather
handbags and sell them in the US?"
You see, dad traveled to Italy each year for work and had fallen in love with their AH-MAZING leather goods.
I mean really, can you blame him?

Ummm, great idea dad! 
EXCEPT, I'm no Spring chicken anymore and have
NO clue how to import anything. (Unless, you count the vanilla I brought back from vacation that one time. HA! ) 


I decided life is too short and well, that grand idea led from one thing to another, tons of research, fretting and stewing, excitement and a short while later BAM....Olita was born!


No, Olita is not an Italian word. It's a combination of
my kids' names. Olivia + Tayton = Olita!
Awww, isn't that sweet! :)


This journey has been one of learning, growth and
so much dang fun! I LOVE bringing our
Italian leather goods to YOU with Olita's
unique, yet classic, designs!


Dad and I truly hope you enjoy
Olita's Collections as much as we do!

Jill Hass

Dad (Craig), Myself, and my nephew